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Beyoncé Keeps It Simple In Alexander McQueen Leaf Crepe Suit

Beyoncé kept her look  simple at the Two Kings Dinner. She wore an Alexander McQueen Leaf crepe jacket, and Leaf crepe boot cut trousers. The suit was paired with Maison Martin Margiela Four Set 22-karat gold-plated knuckleduster rings. Although the look has a masculine feel to it, the hair and bustier gave the look a chic twist. I wonder if she is going for a more masculine look for the new album. Time will tell…

Beyoncé Channels Her Inner 90′s Supermodel For Vogue Spread

picasion.comBeyoncé is the cover girl for the March issue of Vogue. She must have been studying supermodels from the 90′s to nail this spread because the cover reminds me a lot of  Cindy Crawford. Beyoncé discussed everything from motherhood to her latest solo album which she says, “I’m going to be tweaking. I still have things to figure out.”

I admire how she navigates through criticism, by simply not reading it. She reads only the story and not the comments sections.

“Don’t scroll down!” Beyoncé advises, laughing. “You’re definitely going to get your feelings hurt.”

I have no to shade throw concerning the fashion choices for the spread. Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Marni, Haider Ackermann, Alexander McQueen…Oh my!

Read the entire story at Vogue.

Beyoncé Is The Post- Baby Fashion Winner of 2012

Beyoncé has been hitting high fashion notes since the birth of her baby Blue Ivy. She has taken Instagram by storm, using it as a platform to showcase her latest fashion transformation. I can tell she has been studying one of my top fashionista’s, her sister Solange,because of how she is dabbling with prints. Either way I hope this post- baby fashion forward sense of style never fades away. Check out some of my favorite looks:

Beyoncé Is The Post- Baby Fashion Winner of 2012

Nicki Minaj, Miranda Kerr, & Beyoncé Are Loving The Quilted Jacket

Well, it seems that Nicki Minaj, Miranda Kerr, and Beyoncé are loving quilted jacket’s. Not only that, the once coveted 90’s clothing staple, seems to be making a comeback. I’m not sure if I am going to jump on the bandwagon with this one. If you like the quilted jacket look and don’t want to break the bank like these ladies did, I have found similar looks at attainable price points below. Enjoy!

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Pieces Nicki Minaj wore:

Maiyet  Handknit Turtleneck Sweater

Balmain Quilted Shell Jacket

Jason of Beverly Hills Pink Bow Ring

Christian Louboutin “Zepita Fur” Boots

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Some of the pieces Miranda Kerr wore:

Balenciaga Quilted Motorcycle Jacket

Tabitha Simmons Suede and leather ankle boots from Fall/Winter 2010 Collection (No longer available)

Acne Ruth Twist mohair knit sweater

Christian Louboutin Farida Messenger Bag in English Green

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Some of the pieces Beyoncé wore:

Balmain Quilted Shell Jacket

Balmain Motorcycle Pants

Jimmy Choo Pumps

Large quilted Chanel bag

Click on image to find out where you can purchase these quilted jacket’s from:

Quilted Jacket's

Beyonce Has Another Fashionable Studio Instagram Photo Moment

animatorBeyoncé dropped another fashionable studio Instagram photo this past weekend. She wore this Printed silk dress designed by Mary Katrantzou that is simple a work of art. She kept it simple by accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses.

Images Via:@baddiebey

Beyoncé’s Feet Are Giving Us The Side Eye

gifBeyoncé was stylin’ and profilin‘ in her Instagram pics taken while at a studio session.  She had a black and white color monochrome scheme going on the look consisted of:

White button down blouse with black contrast sleeve panels

Rag & Bone x Intermix Black & White Leather Panal Skinny Jeans

Helmut Lang Pointed Cuff Blazer

Cazal Vintage Frames

Nicholas Kirkwood Face-Print Leather and Velvet Loafers

This look is Boss!

Images Via: @Baddiebey

Solange Knowles Doesn’t Get Too Invested In The Fashion World

make a gifOne of my favorite style icon’s Solange is featured in the latest issue of  Lurve Magazine.  She had an open discussion about her hair, fashion choices, Carol’s Daughter, and  having less boundaries than Beyoncé growing up. This wouldn’t be an interview without a fab fashion spread.








Solange on  having less boundaries than Beyoncé growing up: ” I think your parents set so much structure in the first child because it’s so  new and fresh, and you are trying to do everything right, and by the second one  you’re like, ‘Eh, they’ll be okay.” In one way, I think that my parents’ leniency really allowed me the freedom  and experiences to be a very independent thinker. In a lot of ways, I had the  freedom to really explore the world. They trusted me and I really tried to hold  value in that. That is, until I got pregnant. [laughs]”

Solange on her hair:

I made some comments on Twitter recently about an article someone sent me  that a young writer wrote about how much energy we are putting into other  people’s natural hair. I thought it was really interesting, and in a lot of ways  true. That is until I came across the part of the article that mentioned how  certain commenters were debating on the texture of my hair in its natural  state.

I really, truly was not even aware that there was a natural hair system in  place to measure the texture of your hair. At that point I thought to myself, “This is really kind of crazy…that these people know more about my hair than the  human that even carries it!” I went to my Twitter and sort of impulsively  expressed that. I don’t regret it one bit but sometimes trying to put how you  feel in an one-hundred forty character structure is not very successful. It  sometimes comes off as ranty and aggressive, and that was not my stance at  all.”

Solange on her personal style:
“I look at some of my fashion choices back in the day… You know how people say, ‘Who let her walk out of the house that way?’ Oh believe me, I had the people and they tried, but I resisted the arrest! Life is supposed to be about experimenting and going for it, especially in your twenties. So I have to just go for it, and laugh later. Having a sense of humor is really the key to keeping my sanity. Not taking myself or others too seriously.  Once I really defined my expectations in terms of how to navigate through the fashion world without getting myself too invested, I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun,”

Solange on breaking off her partnership with Carol’s Daughter: “I’m actually no longer a part of Carol’s Daughter, but throughout my entire time working with them, I was constantly fighting for the right message to be heard: the way we wear our hair is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong way; one way doesn’t make us more intelligent, or more superficial, and everyone makes that choice for very different reasons.”

Solo you don’t have to explain your  hair or fashion choices to anyone. Just do you!

Beyoncé’s St. Barts Colorblock Vacay Look Remixed!

make an animated gifBeyoncé and co. have been in St. Barts the past couple of days stylin’ and profilin’ around the island. I liked the neon colorblock look that she rocked during a roadside stop photo shoot. I put together a similar look with more than one shoe option and an ensemble better suited for the warm weather that is to come. Click on the image to find out where you can purchase these pieces from.

Images Via: Inf Daily

Beyonce Vacay Look Remixed!

Beyoncé Wears Pyjama Loung Pants That Will Definitely Start A Conversation

make a gifBeyoncé was spotted in NYC furniture shopping at Domus Design Collection with non other than Blue Ivy. What caught my attention was her Clements Ribeiro Joggers princh-stretch cotton pants. This kooky artwork “depicting modernist nudes in pools of black ink” on the pants was created by Jacques Oost’s. The unflattering pics on the pants alone are sure to start a conversation. I would rock these pants but I would not pair them with the same pieces that she wore.

Images Via: Zimbio

Beyoncé + Michael Kors + Etro= Spring Time Proper Style

create an animated gifBeyoncé was spotted at multiple spots in NYC dressed just right for spring. I love everything about the look minus the shoes and hat. Other than that, Bee looked snatched!

Some of the pieces she wore:

Michael Kors Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

Etro Abstract Maxi Skirt

Alexander Wang Devere Shoulder Bag

Topshop Oversized Hoop Earrings

The Row Oversized Round Sunglasses

Eugenia Kim Lauren Large Brim Fedora