Which NECKLINE Is Right for You?



Choose styles that compliment your figure, face shape and more with these quick and easy tips!


Wear if… You have a small-or medium-size chest, medium shoulders or an average to long neck.

Avoid if… You have a short neck or a very large bust. This covered-up style  can shorten your neck further and overemphasize your upper body.



Wear if…You have a small bust, narrow shoulders or a slender neck. This style is a great way to make your top half appear wider.

Avoid if…You have a large chest, broad shoulders or a short neck.


3. V-NECK:

Wear if you have a short neck, a long neck, a large bust, a large neck, a large bust, a small bust-This cut flatters just about everyone! If you have a bigger upper body choose a narrower V-Neck, and if you’re smaller on top. try wider cuts.

Things to consider…

Your bust size- A higher neckline works best on a smaller chest, while medium or low cuts look good on medium or large busts.

Your Face Shape- A boatneck or crew neck flatters a longer face, while deep scoopnecks or V-cuts help narrow a wider face. Oval faces can wear any style.

Your Body Type- Boatnecks suit a pear shape, while vertical necklines streamline curvier body types. Boyish shapes can work almost any cut.


Article Via:  People Stylewatch Magazine


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