Nailah Lymus~ A Style Incorporated Interview Lymus has managed to mix faith and fashion together with ease. Not only is Nailah Lymus a clothing and accessory designer she has also launched the first FIRST Muslim Female Model Agency, Underwraps. Underwraps was created for Muslim women who do not want to compromise their beliefs to be in the fashion industry.

This also coincides with Nailah Lymus vision for her line Amirah Creations. Nailah Lymus took time out to answer questions for the Style Incorporated readers. Enjoy!

Who is Nailah Lymus?
Nailah Lymus: Nailah Lymus is a practicing Muslim woman, single mother, and African-American. There are numerous stereotypes and misunderstanding that come with each title. I aim to address and educate through fashion.
When did you know that you wanted to become a fashion designer?
Nailah Lymus: Actually I didn’t know I wanted to be a fashion Designer, I just knew i wanted to design unique pieces for my personal wardrobe. People began inquiring and ordering. Soon i was developing an entire line.
What is the very first thing you designed professionally/personally?
Nailah Lymus: So cliché. My first piece was the denim jeans conversion into a skirt. It was funky and modest enough for me to wear as a Muslim Woman.
What other experience do you have in the fashion industry?
Nailah Lymus: I work with a company called Ground Crew for major fashion events and NYC Fashion Week. The titles I carry are Tailor, Steamer, and Dresser. I also work as a wardrobe stylist, hair stylist, and wardrobe consultant. As of February I will also be the founder of the FIRST Muslim Female Model Agency.
How would you describe your personal style?
Nailah Lymus: My style is influenced from the 1920’s-50’s. I love being a woman and i try to embody that as much as possible. I also love wearing layers and customizing my look.
What are some of your must-haves for the winter?
Nailah Lymus: My top must have is my fur vest in all colors and my printed pashminas that I wear as hijab to cover my hair.
Do you try to keep up with trends or create your own?
Nailah Lymus: I definitely create my own trends. I refuse to walk around looking like a fashion clone.
What are some of your favorite things from your own personal closet?
Nailah Lymus: I love my custom-made John Ashford knee-high boots (they fit like a glove), my handbag designed by Avril Lemieux “Alicat”, and my Gucci belt.
What fashion trends do you wish would make a come back?
Nailah Lymus: High gloves, parasols, and frilly socks.
How did you come up with the name “Amirah Creations” for your label? Nailah Lymus: Amirah is an arabic name meaning “inner beauty”. I’ve always believed that your true beauty shines from within.
Describe the Amirah Creations customer?
Nailah Lymus: The Amirah Creations customer is a confident, savvy, bold, risk taker who knows how to handle all eyes on her.
From where do you draw inspiration?
Nailah Lymus: I draw my inspirations from many cultures and my appreciation for bold print and vibrant colors.
Tell us about your design process.
Nailah Lymus: I am a self-taught designer and seamstress. I honestly have no design process. Fabric truly inspires me. My process begins there, then I drape on my mannequin accordingly to execute my vision. Pinning as i go, then sewing to complete. Now my sample is complete.
What are your favorite colors, patterns, and fabrics to work with and why?
Nailah Lymus: Turquoise, Magenta, Apricot, Cream. Fabrics are Organza, Tapestry, Taffeta, silk. I love using textured fabrics because they provide volume and a presence for the garments
What set’s your fashion line apart from competition? What would you say is your trademark?
Nailah Lymus: The fact that my main mission is producing fashion forward modest garments. My trademark is definitely oversized hoods
What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?
Nailah Lymus: Detailed sewing and hardware, as well as comfort.
What is the most difficult aspect of running your own fashion label?
Nailah Lymus: Very good question. I would say the endless hours that go into elevating my company. Also balancing being a single mother and my career. Always setting quality time aside for my son. He’s my reason for all I do.
Tell us about future plans your label and yourself.
Nailah Lymus: Future plans for Amirah Creations are to get picked up by a distributor and my new dream turned reality, the launch of  UNDERWRAPS Agency. The FIRST Muslim Female Model Agency. The launch will take place this February during NYC Fashion Week.
What are some important life lessons that you have learned along your journey?
Nailah Lymus: Observe and listen before you speak. Know the vision for your company and stay on that path. Allow trusted individuals to help if they offer.
What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion?
Nailah Lymus: The fashion industry is very competitive and comprised of numerous talented designers. Know what makes your concept original and continue to push it even if others don’t understand or support you.
Where can Style Incorporated readers find out more about you and your work?
Nailah Lymus favorite…
Movies: The Breakfast Club and The Last Dragon
Food: Sushi- Japanese Food
Pastime or hobby: Creating new fashion concepts
Books: Qur’an
Magazines: W mag, Vougue mag,
Vacation spots: Mexico

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