Beyoncé Gets Political Through Fashion

camBeyoncé was spotted leaving Gigino restaurant at Wagner Park in Battery Park NYC with Jay-Z and her mother, Tina Knowles this past weekend. She opted for a sporty yet comfortable ensamble for the dinner. As everyone probably knows Bee and Jay have their eyes set on one potential presidential candidate, President Barack Obama.

Bee showcased her love for President Barack Obama by sporting a pair of earings with his name encrusted in them. What a way to promote her vision! *Sidenote* That purse is not the business. No ma’am!

What she wore:

 L’Agence Ribbon Boucle Knit Sweater

 Erika Peña ‘Obama’ Gold Earrings

J Brand super skinny leather pants

Givenchy paisley print Nightingale Tote

Isabel Marant Bekket High-Top Suede Sneakers in black

Maison Martin Margiela Four Set 22-karat gold-plated knuckleduster rings

Jennifer Zeuner Horizontal Cross Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Evil Eye Pendant Necklace 

Images Via: Zimbio

This look will short change you more than $2,200. Here is my cost-effective version of this look. Click on the image to find out where to purchase these pieces from.

Beyoncé's Political Fashion Sense

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