Rita Ora vs. Natalia Kills: Simone Rocha Perspex Heeled Brogues edition of, “Who’s Got Style?”

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Some of the pieces that Rita Ora wore:

Horace Banana Print Denim Long Sleeve Shirt

JoyRich Menswear S/S 2012 “Cash flow Washed Denim Short”

Simone Rocha Perspex Heeled Brogues

fazer um gifWhat Natalia Kills wore:

Christopher Kane black mini-dress with plastic trims filled with encapsulated liquid

Karen Walker Von Trapp Shades

Simone Rocha Perspex Heeled Brogues

Natalia Kills get’s my stamp of approval for this round because her entire outfit was fluid. I would actually wear this as is. Rita Ora outfit had way to many prints going on at once and then to add the bulky shoes was just wrong. My favorite brogues from this collection are the ones with the slit in the toe area and the transparent brogues that Rita wore on another occasion. Both ladies wore Simone Rocha Perspex Heeled Brogues  but the question is…Who’s Got Style? Vote below.


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