Nicki Minaj Paired A Horace Patchwork Cropped Denim Jacket w/ Her Cyberdog Look @ Heathrow International Airport In London

build animated gifI have been on the hunt for the past few hours trying to find out who designed this cute cropped denim jacket that Nicki Minaj was wearing in London. I found out that this is a Horace Patchwork Cropped Denim Jacket. The triangle pin badge serves as an accessory to add a futuristic element. Star Trek! As for the rest of the outfit I personally would #deleteit. But if your interested in the entire look…

Remember you found out who designed this jacket here first!

Here is a list of the rest of the pieces that she wore:

Boy London crop top

Cyberdog Pink Power Sculpture Leggings

Demonia Techno 850UV Cyber Platform Boots

Images Via: Zimbio


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