Beyonce + Eugenia Kim Lauren + The Row + Topshop + Easton Pearson= Mixed Fashion Era Trotter

gifs creatorBeyoncé has been spotted numerous times this week with her gorgeous baby Ivy Blue. The one outfit that caught my eye during one of their fashionable sidewalk adventures was the hip and trendy outfit that she wore on March 12. Her outfit looked like it time traveled to pick up different trends from different fashion era’s. I heart it!

Some of the pieces that Beyoncé wore:

Easton Pearson Syriam flag-print silk-crepe pants

The Row Acetate Oversized Round Sunglasses

Eugenia Kim Lauren Large Brim Fedora

Topshop Oversized Flat Earrings

Images Via: Zimbio

Check out an outfit that I put together that is reminiscent of Bee’s outfit but I put my own twist to it. A big plus is this outfit is cost efficient! Click on the image to findout where you can buy these pieces from.

Beyonce's Mixed Fashion Trendy Look

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