Coco Rocha Is February 2012 Cover Girl For Flare Magazine

Coco Rocha is the latest cover girl for the February 2012 issue of Flare Magazine. In Coco’s interview she  discussed airbrushing, body insecurities, social media and much more in this issue. You can pick up your copy to read the full interview at  a magazine stand near you on January 9th. Check out these excerpts:

Coco on airbrushing: “I’m not against airbrushing. I believe in removing pimples and even dark circles. It’s good to still look beautiful, but I really don’t believe in cutting out my waist and enhancing my legs. That is not necessary. Take me as I am.”

Coco on body insecurities: “When you start out at 13 years old, your body is still a young girl’s. All of a sudden it evolves and no one really explains to you that you’re supposed to get hips and boobs and a nice hourglass figure. To you, that’s just so abnormal that you think something must be wrong.”

Coco on social media: “It [used to be] all about a visual and not the personality… I wanted people to know what I had to say about a subject. Or if something was being said that was inaccurate, I would at least have the chance to correct it on my blog.”

   What Coco wore on the cover:

Ashley Rowe vest,

Joe Fresh skirt

  Louis Vuitton shoes

Jewelery : Bracelets by Alan Anderson, Erickson Beamon, ME Jewellery and necklace by Louis Vuitton

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