Layla-joy Williams~ A Style Incorporated Interview

Layla-joy Williams has designed shoes for some of the biggest names in footwear, but her fascination with creating great shoes that drove her to start her own line. Here is what Layla-joy Williams synopsis about the collection,

” The LAYLAJOY collection is created for women who love elegant, edgy, wearable shoes, clothing and accessories. And we cater to women who have an insatiable appetite for fashion that reflects the chic, flirty, amorous aspects of their fabulous lives. The styling is an extension of a woman’s exquisite fashion sense.”

Ladies, I know you have been searching for shoes that are comfortable and easy on the feet. LAYLAJOY shoes deliver  just that. Layla joy Williams took time out to answer questions for the Style Incorporated readers. Enjoy!

Who is Layla-joy Williams?

A woman who is passionate about life and her designs. An amalgam of creative energy, curiosity and focused intensity. A woman who never stops moving.

When did you become interested in designing shoes?

During my junior year of College. I studied at the Pratt Institute and was inspired by a classmate who had been recruited to work for a footwear company. His experience encouraged a shift in focus from my industrial design major to shoe design. I became fascinated with the idea of creating great shoes.

What made you decide to start your own line instead of going the more traditional path of designing for an existing label?

I’ve actually worked for several brands over the past 11 years. However, there is a special freedom in not being circumscribed. I suppose I have that entrepreneurial spirit as well that propelled me to create my own brand. I wouldn’t trade the challenge and that special brand of excitement for the world.

What other experience do you have in the fashion industry?

Mine is a complete experience from soup to nuts—design to factory. I’ve had the chance to work with several distinctive brands, Converse, Nina Shoes, Nine West, and BCNY – where I’ve worked with Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman among many others.

How would you define your personal style?

I’m somewhat understated but to give a definition I’d say my style is chic and classic.

Who or what inspires you?

Business men and women who think outside the box. Intelligent and discerning individuals with an entrepreneurial bent. Those not necessarily in my line of work, but who are passionate about their craft and have a definite sense of who they are.

How do you go about making shoes that manage to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time? What are the various types of materials you use when designing your shoes?

The shoe, however aesthetically appealing, must be well constructed. I use materials that are malleable and breathable for superior comfort. As an example, my Paige bootie has a 5 inch stiletto and is one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet because of its construction and the use of soft and supple genuine leather. As for specifics, you know a lady never gives away her secrets!

How do you predict which shoe trends will be in most demand for the season?

There are various trends percolating around the world and through extensive travel and observation one becomes adept at recognizing a look or looks that will be au courant.

Describe the LAYLAJOY customer.

The LAYLAJOY customer is a discerning, stylish woman with a rather sophisticated taste. She appreciates current, fun, hot and supremely comfortable.

What is your best seller right now?

Thankfully almost the entire collection is selling out to the pair!

Can a woman ever have too many shoes?

How can you ask me that? Never! One can never be caught without the perfect shoe for every occasion. My collection runs the gamut.

What shoe must every woman have in her closet?

A comfortable and classic ballet flat.

What shoe are you wearing now?

Mine! The LAYLAJOY Lianna boot (it’s a high shaft studded boot).

What celebrity/fashion icon would you dream about wearing your shoes?

There are several women that I admire greatly and would love to see wearing my line.  Iman, Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Angelina Jolie…

What skills according to you are essential for the job profile of shoe designer?

Curiosity, flexibility, a degree of intensity. Love of all things creative. A willingness, an openness to being inspired by the unexpected.

What is next for LAYLAJOY?

Quite a bit! I will say there may be a LAYLAJOY boutique opening in the next few months (wink).

Any words of wisdom for my readers?

Not sure who originally said it but “The Biggest mistake that any of us can make is to believe what other people say about us”.

Where can we find out more about you and purchase your shoes?


Layla-joy Williams favorites list

Movies: LOL!  Willy Wonka, Auntie Mame

Shoe Designer (s):  ME,

Pastime or hobby: Travel, sketching, and more travel

TV shows: Morning Joe (MSNBC), and practically everything on Bravo

Vacation spots: Anywhere there’s a beach

Animals: Puppies

Check out some of the LAYLAJOY designs!

animated gif make

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