Kelly Rowland Is The Cover Girl For The January Issue Of Marie Claire UK Magazine

how do you make gifsKelly Rowland is the cover girl for the January issue of  Marie Claire UK. In her interview  she talked about her childhood, reuniting with her father, insecurities, motherhood and much more. Why do they always have to ask her something about Beyoncé? #Noshade, I’m just saying.

On insecurities: “The cellulite on my bum. I tried deep massage to break it down and that actually does work, but it’s so deep and I bruise so easily. My bum had these blue streaks up and down it, as if it had been spray-painted.”

On her childhood: ”I was just the kind of kid who could get on with anyone – I talked a lot. I still talk a lot. I remember I’d watch my mom do her job as a nanny and see her bosses with their kids and say, ‘OK, this is a nice life. I want that.’ Seeing how someone else was living put a drive in me.”

On reuniting with her estranged father: ”I do plan on seeing him over the holidays. I’m nervous as hell. I don’t want to think about it. We’ll see what happens.”

On Beyoncé’s pregnancy & motherhood: ”No. I will babysit and change a diaper or two, and then give it back. I do want kids, but every time I think about a little person growing inside of me and getting bigger and bigger and then having to come out…. a watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon is insane to me.”

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