Nicki Minaj Introduces Little Pink Knighting Hood @ The 2011 American Music Awards

gif makeNicki Minaj hit the stage with David Guetta at the 2011 American Music Awards decked out in metal gear as “Little Pink Knighting Hood,” a name I have dubbed for this look. The speakers implanted on her dernier fit right in with her performing her hit single  “Super Bass.” Nicki  tried to give us that Gaga shock value but there is nothing shocking about this look. 

I don’t understand why they didn’t create a full costume for her because the jeans under the metal gear threw the whole look off. She rocked a pair of  Guiseppe Zanotti Silver mirror-effect calfskin high top sneakers as she pranced around the stage. She wore the same sneakers in gold at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last week. *Closes eyes and hums ‘No Time’ by Lil Kim.* onstage

Images Via: Zimbio & My Pink Friday

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