Tracee Ellis Ross Is The “Style Icon” For November

how do you make gifsTracee Ellis Ross is one of Diana Ross‘s seeds so as Tracee put it her fashion sense “started in the womb.” Tracee believes she came out going “Where’s Bloomingdales!” Too funny, I love Tracee’s style because it’s minimal for the most part. She let’s her clothing do the talking rather than loading herself with alot of accessories. I think she is trendy yet at the same time has her own fashion sense. Check out some of the pieces that I put together below that emulate Tracee’s style. Click on images to find out where you can purchase the pieces from.


Tracee Ellis Ross 6th Outfit
Tracee Ellis Ross 5th Outfit
Tracee Ellis Ross 4th Outfit
Tracee Ellis Ross 3rd Outfit
Tracee Ellis Ross 2nd Look
Tracee Ellis Ross 1st Look

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