Thandie Newton Is The Face Of Louis Vuitton’s ‘Double Exposure’ Project

animator gifGorgeous Thandie Newton is the new face of Louis Vuitton’s “Double Exposure” project.

“Artist Sam Taylor Wood creates two “portraits” of the sitter: one a literal portrait, using a 19th Century photographic technique called the collodion wet plate process; and the other a portrait of the subject’s inner self, in a film where the sitter reveals their most treasured possessions and the story behind them.”

Thandie was able to be photographed with some of her valuable possessions on the set including a teddy bear created by her eldest daughter Riley, a painting from her childhood and her passport.

Thandie said, “The images really take you into the heart of history itself. To parallel that, we’re getting into the history of me through the items I’ve chosen. One of the things about these photographs is the layers of meaning. Each picture is so unique so it just creates this desire to be my most essential self.”

Click here to check out Thandie’s behind the scenes video.


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