Rihanna is the Style Icon of the Week

I am honoring the über fashionista Rihanna with “Style Icon of the Week” because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that she has this fashion thing on lock. I don’t care whether she is dressed up or down she is always “picture perfect.” Rihanna has toned down her rocker chic style and has added more feminine pieces to her wardrobe. I like how Rihanna isn’t afraid to play with colors or patterns. Rihanna’s stylist Lysa Cooper says, ‘There’s nothing she won’t do or try once. She has no fear of being criticized. She’s creative, youthful, risky…and fun. We can’t forget fun!’  Also Rihanna’s uninhibited  fashion sense is what separates her from the rest, as well as her inner and outer beauty. Check out some styling creations I put together that resemble this Barbadian beauty’s style below. Click on the images below to find out where to buy the pieces from.

Rihanna Style 4
Rihanna Style 3
Rihanna Style 2
Rihanna Style 5
Rihanna Style 1

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