Wadrobe Staple: Leather Biker Jacket Set 2

Wadrobe Staple: Leather Biker Jacket
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Thyme the Zit Zapper?

thymeThe next new zit zapper may be in your spice rack. Researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. tested  thyme, marigold, and myrrh plants steeped in alcohol on the bacteria that causes acne. While all three herbs killed bacteria, thyme was the most potent. It even worked better than benzoyl peroxide, so it  may have the potential as a natural acne treatment.

Article Via: Womens Health Magazine

Which NECKLINE Is Right for You?



Choose styles that compliment your figure, face shape and more with these quick and easy tips!


Wear if… You have a small-or medium-size chest, medium shoulders or an average to long neck.

Avoid if… You have a short neck or a very large bust. This covered-up style  can shorten your neck further and overemphasize your upper body.



Wear if…You have a small bust, narrow shoulders or a slender neck. This style is a great way to make your top half appear wider.

Avoid if…You have a large chest, broad shoulders or a short neck.


3. V-NECK:

Wear if you have a short neck, a long neck, a large bust, a large neck, a large bust, a small bust-This cut flatters just about everyone! If you have a bigger upper body choose a narrower V-Neck, and if you’re smaller on top. try wider cuts.

Things to consider…

Your bust size- A higher neckline works best on a smaller chest, while medium or low cuts look good on medium or large busts.

Your Face Shape- A boatneck or crew neck flatters a longer face, while deep scoopnecks or V-cuts help narrow a wider face. Oval faces can wear any style.

Your Body Type- Boatnecks suit a pear shape, while vertical necklines streamline curvier body types. Boyish shapes can work almost any cut.


Article Via:  People Stylewatch Magazine

Essential Shoes That Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

Happy Feet


  1. The KNEE Boot- Wear with dresses, shorts, skirts, denim or leggings to accentuate your legs.
  2. The RIDING Boot- Idea for cool fall weather. They look good with denim and leggings .
  3. The ANKLE Boot- Versatile (looks stylish with almost anything) and is universally flattering, it lends height and provides  coverage.
  4. The STILETTO- All around outfit enhancer for special occasions or dressing up denim.
  5. The CHUNKY Heel- If you are not into the balancing act of wearing stiletto heels then a chunky heel would be a better choice for you. The chunky heel is leveling so it gives you more stability while walking. They also look chic good with anything.
  6. Flats- This versatile shoe can be worn for casual days and if you purchase a pair that is dressy you can also wear them to work.
  7. The LOW heel- You can wear low heels during your eight-hour workdays to alleviate foot pain or discomfort.
Click on the image to see where you can purchase these pieces from.

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